Book: Introduction to Python for Geographic Data Analysis

Textbook, in progress (estimated arrival in 2023), 2023

PythonGIS book

Introduction to Python for Geographic Data Analysis is a textbook that introduces the basics of Python programming and geographic data analysis and geoprocessing for all “geo-minded” people.

The book consists of 4 parts:

  • Part 1: Python essentials - New to Python? This part will teach you the fundamental concepts of programming using Python. No previous experience required!
  • Part 2: Introduction to GIS with Python - This part provides essential building blocks for processing, analyzing and visualizing geographic data using open source Python packages.
  • Part 3: Geographic data analysis applications - This part of the book will introduce several real-world examples of how to apply geographic data analysis in Python. It assumes that you understand the key concepts presented in previous parts.
  • Appendices: Working efficiently with Python - The appendices include information for working efficiently with Python: how to develop software with git, how to write and use Python script files, and tips for testing and debugging code.

The book is openly available online

All the materials are openly available online and you can follow the progress of the book at