geopandas sjoin_nearest() method


GeoPandas is an open source Python project and one of the core libraries in Python for doing GIS and working with geospatial data. The goal of GeoPandas is to make working with geospatial data in Python easier. I have contributed to geopandas by prototyping and suggesting a new feature .sjoin_nearest(), read more below.

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You can read more about geopandas from the documentation of the library. The documentation for the sjoin_nearest() method can be read from here.

My role

I contributed to geopandas by suggesting and creating a prototype of the method sjoin_nearest() that allows to make a spatial join of two GeoDataFrames based on the distance between their geometries. The feature was kindly later implemented by @adriangb and geopandas core developer team.


  • Issue #1096 suggesting and prototyping this feature.
  • PR #1865 adding this functionality to geopandas.