OSMnx - Retrieve Point of Interest (POI) data -functionalities


osmnx is an open source Python project and one of the core libraries in Python for retrieving and working with OpenStreetMap data.
osmnx lets you download geospatial data from OpenStreetMap and model, project, visualize, and analyze real-world street networks and any other geospatial geometries. I contributed to osmnx by adding features to extract Point of Interest data from the OpenStreetMap data. Since these contributions (in 2018), the library has evolved and there is a new API design to fetch geometries of any type with specific tags.


You can read more about osmnx from the documentation of the library. The latest documentation to download OSM geometric entities (such as POIs) with osmnx.geometries -module can be read from here.

My role

I contributed to osmnx by adding pois_from_address(), pois_from_place(), pois_from_polygon() functionalities (+ some internal mechanisms to make this happen) that allowed to retrieve Point of Interest data from OSM into a GeoDataFrame.