Automating GIS processes

MSc course, Author & teacher of the course (2015-2018) , University of Helsinki, 2018

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Automating GIS-processes -course at the University of Helsinki introduces you to geographic data processing and analysis in the Python programming language through interactive lessons and hands-on exercises.

Learning goals

After completing this course, the students:

  • can manage, analyze and visualize spatial data systematically and efficiently using Python
  • can critically evaluate the available methods.
  • have geographic data manipulation and analysis skills
  • learn good programming practices, including the use of a version control system (git) and documenting and communicating their analysis workflow in online repositories (GitHub).

The course materials are openly available online

All materials are openly available online, see

My contributions to the course

I created, maintained and taught the course during my PhD studies at the University of Helsinki between 2015-2018. Since then, I have still been involved in improving and maintaining the materials. The course continues to be taught at the University of Helsinki.