Spatial Analytics

MSc course, Author & teacher of the course (2021- ), Aalto University, 2022

Spatial analytics course

Spatial analytics -course introduces you to different analysis approaches and methods of spatio-statistical analysis, geostatistics, map algebra and geovisual analysis. After the course, you can identify appropriate analysis approaches for different geospatial tasks, and describe data needs and suitable methods for the given analysis process. You can discuss the strengths and limitations of the methods.

Learning goals

After completing this course, you should:

  • understand the typical data analysis workflow
  • understand the basics of geostatistics and the associated terminology and mathematical principles
  • understand the basic principles of map overlay and map algebra
  • understand the principles of graph theory and network analysis
  • understand the basic principles of spatio-temporal multivariate analysis
  • be able to apply the previous concepts to different geographical problems using Python programming language

The course materials are openly available online

All materials are openly available online, see